Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cooking With Kacie

Here's a bit of boasting. I'm a pretty good cook. I don't possess many technical skills, but I don't think you need them to make tasty food. And I enjoy cooking. I especially like taking an idea from a recipe and tweaking it to my personal preference or budget. Sometimes I can't afford a certain ingredient, so I substitute. Sometimes I'm worried that my experiment will flop, but that's one way to learn. I also like making things healthier without compromising taste. For example, when I'm baking, I use yogurt instead of oil or butter as often as I can. One of my favorites is a coconut cranberry oat bread. I use a zucchini bread recipe as a base and then do my tweaking. My husband has often told me that I should create a cookbook. There's one problem. I don't really measure ingredients when I'm experimenting, so writing it down as a recipe won't be easy. It's a good idea, though. It's something I should seriously consider.

Today, I'm going to make mayo for the first time. I'm a little nervous.

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