Saturday, February 8, 2014

Movie Night

We don't have cable at our house at the moment. Instead we have Netflix and Hulu+. Both are good for watching TV shows, but neither offer a very good selection of movies, Hulu being the worst of the two. While browsing Netflix last night for something to watch, my husband noticed a little movie called Ramen Girl. We'd never heard of it, but, being obsessed with all things Japanese, my husband was interested in watching it. It stars Brittany Murphy, probably one of her last movies, and is about an American girl living in Japan with her Amercican boyfriend who works there. The dude suddenly breaks up with her and leaves her stranded. Seeking some sort of direction, she visits a ramen shop across the street from her apartment and gets the idea to become a ramen chef. It's kinda corny, but had some seriously hilarious parts, mostly from the ramen sensei. We both enjoyed it. Later, it got me thinking about incorporating Japanese legend/mythology into a future book. That's what I do. Anything I watch can become inspiration for a book. So, now I'm forming a new idea, all thanks to a silly little movie about ramen.

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