Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sushi Success!

I mentioned briefly last post that hubby and I were going to make our own version of sushi for Valentine's Day dinner. Since it was our first attempt, we decided not to use fish. That may happen sometime in the future. I got all the veggies chopped all nice and julienne-like (carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, broccoli, and red bell pepper) and prepared the rice. I had some calrose rice on hand, which isn't sushi rice, but it worked pretty well anyway. I had some chicken, bacon, and sausage for the meats. For dipping sauces, I like sweet and sour, so I made a bit using some pineapple apricot preserves. Hubby requested a creamy teriyaki, which I made with teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and plain yogurt. Earlier in the day, I watched some videos to learn how to roll properly. It didn't look super hard, so I was excited ready to try. I rolled the first one while hubby watched. He made the next two. We both used a bit too much rice, which made them on the ginormous side, but they looked fairly decent. But what matters most is that they tasted great! We stuffed ourselves and now have leftovers. We have plans to make sushi more often, venturing into more traditional ingredients as we go. Here's some pictures of what we did.

We also shared a steamed pork bun we got from a local Asian market. Hubby would like me to try making some from scratch someday. I think that's doable. And hubby had a bowl of miso soup. I'm not a huge fan of miso. All the room in my tummy was for sushi. It was a fun experience and I look forward to doing it again. Probably in a few days. :)

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