Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #37

I've been watching many episodes of the Amazing Race on Netflix. I enjoy seeing the beautiful places the teams get to go to. I would love to travel. (See list #14) I could never do the Amazing Race, though.

Today's Topic: Why I Could Not Be On The Amazing Race.

10. Poor sense of direction. I have to use mapquest or google maps anytime I go somewhere. And even then, there's no guarentee I'll get to my destination.
9. I speak only English. I know other teams manage to get around without knowing the language of the country they're in, but it's always a detriment. I took Spanish in Jr. High, but the only thing we really did was play Uno.
8. I don't like crowds and busy atmospheres.
7. I don't have the right kind of patience. I don't do well with waiting or time wasting.
6. I'm not physically fit. I would probably die from exertion.
5. I don't sleep well. I have a hard time getting decent sleep at home in my own bed.
4. I complain a lot.
3. I'm more lazy than I'd like to admit.
2. I'm not adventurous. I like being at home.
1. I could not handle the pressure. I like to plan things out and take my time. Rushing around like a crazy person would make me crazy.

Wow, I sound like a real loser.

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