Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #35

So, last Sunday was a big day. Lots of people eagerly watched that super-thing on TV. I had an enjoyable day as well. And it had nothing to do with football.

Today's Topic: What I Liked About "Super Bowl" Sunday

10. It was Sunday. I like Sundays. No worrying about work or other nonessential things.
9. Nap time. Even though my naps aren't usually very successful, it's still nice to try.
8. A trip to my parents' house. I love visiting my family. They are awesome!
7. Beef Stroganoff for dinner. This meal is a family favorite.
6. Yummy treats afterward. My family always has an abundance of goodies for our gatherings.
5. My brothers. No offense to the girls in my family, but my brothers are hilarious.
4. My sisters. No offense to the boys, but the girls don't need to be hilarious to be awesome.
3. My niece and nephews. It's so much fun to watch them run around and play. They're so adorable!
2. My parents. I could write a book about how great they are.
1. Going to church. Because, in my opinion, that's what Sundays are all about!

I'll admit I glanced at the TV now and then. I know Seattle kicked butt. But I really couldn't care less about the Big Game or the lame commercials. For me, it's just a good excuse to be with my family.

If you read my previous post, you know I tried to make mayo for the first time. Here's an update: it was a disaster. I plan to try again some day, so I'll let you know when I hit success.

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