Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few Things

I usually post something on Thursdays, but I wasn't entirely sure what to write today. Here's a few things I'm working on right now and some things I'm thinking about.

The next book I plan to publish is called Soulless. It is with my editor right now. I hope to have it out in early December. I'll share more about it in the coming months. I'm also working on the second book in my Vessel series. I may have mentioned before that books 2 and 3 are mostly written, but both need a lot of fine tuning and a few (dozen) changes. I plan to release both in 2014. (I'm looking at April and December, with something else in between) So you can see I'm busy busy with big plans.  I believe the more books I have out there the more chances there will be for people to find them.

I check the stats of my blog often, seeing the number of people who visit. It also shows me the countries where the visitors originate. It's pretty cool to see that I get people from all over the world. Russia, Poland, South Korea, Brazil, and Ireland to name a few. My blog is equipped with a translator and I hope that the things I write translate well enough for those who don't speak English. I'm interested to know, so if you are one of my foreign visitors who uses the translator, let me know if it works! You can leave a comment in your own language and I'll use the translator myself!

No matter where you're from, thanks for coming!

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