Monday, August 5, 2013

On Schedule

My editor finished her second run through of Taela and sent it back to me over the weekend. I will definitely be publishing August 10. Just like with The Bride, I will start with and all the amazon sites. Barnes and Noble and iBookstore will come later in the month. (But remember can work with Nook and Apple devices as well) I'm planning to price Taela at $2.99 for about a month before raising it to its long term price of $3.99. Don't forget that The Bride is also at a discounted price for a limited time.

I'm going to start looking into the process for making print books. I'd love to see all my books in this format someday. I can use for this, but I don't get much say in the pricing. There are other self-publishing sites out there, so I just need to do more research.

In other news, my niece's birthday is coming up (she's turning two!) and I've volunteered to make the cake. I've made hundreds of cakes, but never anything fancy. This one will have layers and filling and fondant and decorations, all in the shape if a cute little puppy. If it turns out well, I might post a picture here. If it doesn't, we'll never speak of it again.

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