Friday, August 16, 2013

New Version of The Bride

The revised version of The Bride is now live on all amazon sites, still at the reduced price. If you've already purchased the ebook through amazon, you should be getting an email from them. They said it could take a few weeks to get the emails out. If you don't want to wait that long, you might try going to your amazon account. They have some steps you can take to get automatic book updates. I couldn't get it to work for my account, or perhaps it just hasn't updated yet. I'm kind of impatient sometimes. Here are the steps I took. See if it works for you. (these steps are only for those who have previously purchased the book)

Go to The Bride's amazon page. Above the book title, click on the link where it says "view this order". On the far right of the next screen where it says Manage Your Digital Items, pick Kindle. The top of the page should say Automatic Book Update is Now Available. Click on "learn more"  Scroll down a bit and turn on "whispersync". This should get you the update without having to wait for the email from amazon I mentioned above. Like I said, my update hasn't happened yet, but I use a Kindle app on my iPad, so I don't know if it works faster for actual Kindles. I wish this was easier and I appreciate your patience. Good luck!

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