Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Art

I haven't done too many art projects for Taela. Well, not many that I'm ready to show. But here is one I did a little while ago. This was done before the cover art, so the crystal looks different. It started as a photo (actually two photos. The background was added later). I then edited it with one of my artsy iPad apps. I even made a crystal out of paper to use in the original photo. It turned out pretty well. At least I think so.

You can get your copy of the ebook on all of amazon's sites and It should be available at Barnes and Noble and iBookstore any day now. The discounted price won't be there forever, so take the chance now!

It looks like the giveaway for The Bride has been extended for a few more days. It's international, so anyone from anywhere can enter! Go enter to win!

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